7 Advertising Mistakes

review-300x300  Advertising is crucial to the most small businesses, particularly small retail and restaurant establishments vying for the attention of consumers in medium to large size markets. And yet, most small businesses don’t understand how to advertise effectively. There are many common mistakes that small businesses make in their advertising. Here we’re going to take a look at seven of the most common mistakes that I witness on a nearly daily basis.

Mistake Number 1: Advertising to Everyone. By making your advertising message broad, and trying to reach anyone and every who sees it, you are actually marketing to no one. Solution: Target your message to a subset of the population, and your advertising will resonate with them more effectively, because they identify with what your business is about.

Mistake Number 2: Not understanding the true value of the customer. Most businesses look at the cost of advertising and think they need to recoup that full investment from the direct response of the ad. Instead, they don’t recognize that new customers who come to them from an ad have a

Five Pointers to Consider For Hiring an Advertising Agency

da0d8ac8-82eb-46e9-9aa1-21c1056c3db1The industry of advertising is quite huge and still growing. There are businesses that are of the notion that they can take care of their respective marketing needs all by themselves. However, if as a business owner you are trying to reach out to a large mass of audience, then going for an agency which can help you make the desired target is a wise decision.

When owing a business, it often becomes difficult for the owners to allow the creative control aspect to someone else. However, with the help of an experienced agency, you can get assurance of enhancing the growth of your company. Here are some essential steps you should consider for finding the perfect agency:

• Know About Their Potential

“Ad agencies sell products”- this is the most common notion of the business owners. They simply rely on an advertising agency to make the sales and if it doesn’t goes well, the blame falls on the agency. However, it is essential to remember that the main job of an ad agency is to relate a company’s

3 Must Have Tips To Advertise Successfully

People-entering-computer-300x300This may sound crazy, but there was a time in America, and all over the world, where no one brushed their teeth. I am not talking about the Dark Ages or far away time, but around 100 years ago. When World War I was happening, America’s dental hygiene was very, very poor.

Fresh breath and a bright smile did not indicate status or refinement. Dentists only existed to pull teeth or when something painful needed to be taken care of.

Thankfully, times have changed and most people brush their teeth at least once a day. Half of those people, also floss daily. All these good things were started with a man Claude Hopkins. The story of ‘Pepsodent’ is the big story of his success. He was responsible for the habit of tooth brushing, and made a lot of money doing so.

It took a decade after this campaign initially ran for half of America to be brushing daily. This created an entirely new national habit.

Within a few years, this campaign was exported to more countries and languages

Effective Display Advertising Mediums

How to Launch an Effective Advertisement

There are a lot of modern ways of launching an advertisement for a product or a service, but experts in the marketing field would surely advice you not to ignore traditional ways as these also have a way gaining revenue. And as far as traditional advertising is concerned, putting up advertisement boards has proven to be one of the most effective mediums. Not only are advertisement boards easy to put up and can be used for any kind of product/service, but they are also economical and effective for brand recognition and in terms of market reach.

The most common types of advertising boards are pin boards, directory boards, and notice boards. If your marketing plan includes a low budget, then you should really consider this medium as advertising boards are actually economical but provides excellent results, still.

Read on to know more about some variants of advertising boards:

Pin boards

Pin boards have a very specific target market: kids and couples. This is because pin boards are generally decorated and customized, thus making them appear casual and playful. If your target market is youth, this is a

Factors to Consider While Planning for Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertisement can be a very costly affair if not planned and executed in the right manner. One method of outdoor advertisement that has been adopted by a number of companies due to its cost and effectiveness is the use of lighted signs. But the effectiveness of these lights will not be realized if certain factors are not taken into consideration while putting them up. Here is what to have in mind if you intend to use lighted channel letters or any other form of outdoor advertisement to draw attention to your business premises.

Maintain simplicity

Your channel letter signs need to be as simple as possible. With just a single glance, the viewers should be able to comprehend the kind of information you are trying to pass across. There should also be a good balance between the text and the images. Note that too many images or too much text might appear ugly and boring and fail to capture the attentions that you had intended it for.

Proper choice of colors

The colors you choose should be the ones to promote your brands so that consumer can always remember your brand whenever their

How To Lower Your Paid Advertising Expenses

Do you want to know what my favorite way of marketing online? It is hands down paid advertising. You get instant traffic, sometimes people buy right away, and sometimes you get immediate sales when you suggest a product after your first one. This is amazing, and in the beginning, they told me that forum marketing is what I needed to be doing to get tons of sales.

Well, I learned that lesson the hard way. I did forum marketing (and I still do – not to this extreme though), and I branded myself on a very popular internet marketing forum online. I admit, I do get sales from this forum – via other members. I still get emails for joint venture partnerships, and sometimes people contact me to take a look at certain aspects of their business.

I almost never do the last request. To me that’s a “consulting” project. And if offer free coaching and consulting… expect your clients to question you with everything that you suggest. But make them pay for it… for about $5,000 or more… and they won’t ask you anything. They will just do.

But I got off track here.

How Advertising Agencies Can Make Winning Client Pitches

Making a pitch is an art and advertising agencies have to master the same if they want to get more clients and big business.

Advertising pitches are constituted of the basic proposals of any creative advertising agency with regard to marketing and promoting services and products. This usually contains campaign objectives and also puts up a forecasted picture of the expected results. These pitches are asked for by clients for choosing the best agency for their brand. The pitch should put forth the agency’s solutions for making use of the client’s budget in an effective manner for the best possible results. Agencies should arrange for meetings on a regular basis with brands that are looking for campaigns for their products.

Alongside, try to request the prospective client for ensuring that the entire selection team stays present at the meeting. Agencies should also carry all necessary equipment including laptops, projectors and other technological and necessary tools to these pitches. A full service ad agency should start off with an insightful glimpse of its credentials and experience and look to define why it is the best bet for the job at hand. The objectives for the campaign should

Benefits of Using an Advertising Agency

You got into business because you love what you do and you saw a way of making some money while doing it. Whether that thing is the building of a home, providing personal training or producing two by fours, you are devoted to your business and the lifestyle it has provided you. But to make a business grow it has to satisfy existing customers and to attract new ones. That later goal is one of the key reasons for hiring the services of an advertising agency.

An advertising agency’s main function is developing the unique story of your business and then, by using a variety of tools, distributing that story to as wide an audience as possible. Your good work, quality service and outstanding products are helping you keep your current clients. Promoting your business to potential users is the primary job of the advertising agency. Thanks to the Internet and the ever-expanding online world today’s small to medium-sized businesses have access to marketing systems formerly the sole domain of mega-companies. But the slim and agile size of your business in all likelihood also limits your ability to afford an in-house marketing person. By contracting out advertising

How to Create Effective Video Advertisements

Currently, a reported fifty percent of mobile traffic stems from video viewership and the growth won’t be slowing any time soon. It’s not surprising, as YouTube is the second most used browser to Google. Also, in just the last 10 months, Nike increased its Instagram following from 4 to 12 million users with the use of engaging video campaigns.

For brands considering the introduction of video ads into their current marketing strategy, it helps to know that fifty-two percent of consumers agree that well-executed videos make them more confident in their purchasing decisions. Most companies struggle with where to start and how to differentiate between the best video ad format to achieve their sales goals. Below is an overview of common video formats and how to optimize each for maximum effect.

The three most common video advertisements are in-stream

– In-stream: these video advertisements play at the beginning or during another video program (e.g., commercial breaks during online tv streaming, before the start of music videos or other short clips). They’re mainly meant for branding purposes as they rarely convert given that consumers are forced to watch them but really just want to view the

Digital Advertising Creative Cheatsheet

It’s the most frightening keyword in small business marketing – “advertising”. Preface that with the uber scary term, “digital”, and most small marketers either think “out of my league” or just run for the hills. That’s unfortunate because Online Advertising offers small business an unprecedented opportunity to see wild business growth from a low-cost and low-toil marketing effort. Not every business is ready to embrace the level of success possible through online advertising. Is yours?

Small marketers know the demanding requirements of social media and search – relentless content generation and a negligible payoff. Online advertising by contrast respects the marketer’s time requiring an upfront skilled effort but once established, online campaign require little tending until performance review time. That review can be as frequent as daily if so inclined. But that’s an expert’s job.

A periodic review of campaign results brings refinements to both media and message, always with the goal of improving outcomes. For small marketers, the overwhelming benefit of online advertising is less work, more real business results. That’s Dollars and $ense.

Embracing Online Advertising

Online Advertising requires 3 essential elements – Media, Creative and a website that’s ready for a

How to Choose an Ideal Logo Design Company

Brands and Logos, in today’s world, have become a key aspect of marketing! No matter what business you are running, you will definitely understand the importance of these promotional tools. Your brand symbol is your company’s identity and plays a vital role in building relationships with your clients. So, it is important that you choose a unique symbol design for your business in order to create a long-term impression on your target viewers.

In addition, when it comes to designing a perfect logo for your business, you don’t have to take stress and carry out the process on your own. Instead, you should lookout for an experienced and certified logo design company and promote your business in a better way thereafter!

Carry out complete research

Before selecting any company, it is important that you perform a detailed research of the market in order to shortlist a few companies and then choose specifically. Furthermore, you can compare prices and choose the one that not only fits your budget, but also provides high quality services. With this, you will also be getting a better view of the latest ongoing trends that’s going on in the field of

The Importance Of Working With An Advertising Agency

Whether you are running a small advertising campaign or a large one, you might find it helpful to use an advertising agency. The agencies can offer great benefits to any kind of business, regardless of its size because of several reasons.

Expertise – An advertising agency has specialized knowledge and expertise in advertising. Hence you can be sure to get the most effective solutions for your marketing needs. It will have access to media buyers, researchers, film makers and artists to put together a winning advertising campaign for your business. You can also enjoy different advertising services when you choose the right agency.

Time and money saving – Using a reliable advertising agency will also save valuable time and money for your business. This is because you won’t have your staff concentrating on the development of a campaign. You will leave all the advertising work to the experts giving more attention to other important business matters. In terms of saving you money, your agency can find ad placements at affordable rates since it can enjoy discounts from TV stations, radio and publishers as well. It will definitely get cheaper rates to what you would have enjoyed

5 Reasons It Might Be Time for A New Advertising Agency

1. Poor ROI

Marketing is not done for the sake of itself. There is a real result that should follow every marketing action. Measuring those results and comparing them against what it took to get them is the foundation of today’s marketing. If you have poor ROI, or worse yet, have no way to track your ROI, then it could be time to check with your advertising agency to see what is going wrong.

2. Your marketing pieces have no passion

Branding is important, so often there are strict guidelines for what is and is not appropriate for a new addition to your fleet of advertisements. However, there can still be a wealth of creativity within the boundaries of your brand restrictions. That truth is underlined time and again by large international companies with iron-clad brands whose agencies constantly pump out original and engaging advertisements. If your ads no longer pack a punch and instead blend in with the crowd, then it is time to consider a new team that still has the passion to get it done. With the right marketing agency, you too can have creativity drizzled over your branding sundae.


Offline Advertising Should Not Be Overlooked

As far as your online business is concerned, how much time do you spend for offline advertising?

People invest a lot of time and effort in marketing their web-based businesses, leaving less time or thought for advertising in the actual world in spite of the benefits they offer. Most of time, they are into search engine optimization, banner advertisements, viral advertising, reciprocal links, social networking and blogs. Though this is great, many people are forgetting about the big impact created by offline advertising.

While advertising forms that do not depend on the Internet are often ignored, they can actually have a big impact, and they are very effective in helping reach the target audience.

Advertising or promoting in the real-world has particular advantages that need to be carefully considered.

Fast results

It takes quite some time to see an outcome with online advertising. In fact, you have to work on SEO for weeks before an actual outcome can be noticed and there is no guarantee that this will work.

It also takes a long time for banner adverts to be felt. When it comes to building blogs or reciprocal links, it takes

Three Major Elements of Creative Advertising

In this technologically driven world, media is all around us. We see messages while watching television, browsing the Internet, driving on the freeway, and even while scrolling through Facebook. If we actually critiqued and analyzed each advertisement and every commercial, would we find that most were unique and inventive or that most fell somewhere between unimaginative and uninteresting? Some advertisements are fleeting, disappearing from our minds almost as soon as they appear on the screen without leaving any sort of impact or lasting impression whatsoever. Others, however, are one-of-a-kind art forms, provoking thoughts, emotions, and memories that send chills down our spines, cause us to clutch our loved ones tighter, and tug at our heart strings. Creative advertising is not far-fetched, but there are definitely some major elements to consider when trying to convey a message to an audience that they will remember and that will make them want to buy the product. Here are three of the factors that make up a creative advertisement.


It is crucial that the ad is original. If people see a commercial that is similar to another that they have seen before, then they will just be thinking about

Ways Of Advertising Your Small Business

Email marketing

In addition to being affordable, it’s very effective as you reach your potential customers in their inbox. You should start by collecting as many emails as possible. You can do this by creating an email opt-in on your website or blog.

To encourage people to give you their email addresses you should offer a valuable free download. For example, if you sell weight loss products you should offer a free e-book that gives people tips on how to eat right and lose weight.

You should then create a weekly or monthly newsletter where you give tips to your readers. If there are offers in your company, you should let your email list be the first to know about it. By being consistent and offering high quality information, you will grow your brand fast and be popular.

As rule of thumb, you should never spam your readers. If information isn’t of value to your readers, you shouldn’t share it.


Advertising remains one of the most effective marketing strategy. There are many forums that you can use. The most popular being: radio, Facebook, LinkedIn, TV, local newspaper, billboards, cars, sidewalk signs,

Creating Appealing Advertising Materials

Regardless of if you are advertising a product or just wanting a fun saying for your wall, vinyl lettering and graphics should be designed with many factors in mind. You going to want a clean look, no clutter, and even though you may like a certain color combination, some of them may force other drivers off the road so be sure to pick one that works best. Remember the following tips and you’ll be rewarded with a great graphic and matching lettering.

There is an old saying that less is more. In this case, that couldn’t be more appropriate. You want your saying to be legible and visible, but not so long that you’ve got peopled riding your bumper just to read it. The simpler it is, the better off you will be. Also remember, if you’ve had your sign custom made, you could be paying a lot for something you don’t really need.

If your customization is going to promote a product, don’t put all of the information into the sign. You want to save some of the detail so that people will call you and ask for more information. It should grab attention, and

Online Product Design For Promotional Items

Promotional items never disappoint when it comes to exposing and marketing your brand. The truth is that customers love free gifts and as long as the promotional item you have selected is functional, you can be sure that you get good returns from your marketing campaign. Lanyards are some of the items that you can easily use to market your brand. These are the cords that are worn around the neck holding business cards, identification cards, security passes and name tags in settings such as hospitals, schools and all kinds of events.

Apart from business use, individuals use the lanyards to hold important items they do not want to get lost such as USB flash cards, cell phones and other small important items. There are so many plain lanyards you can buy for your use, but the good news is that you can have them customized to your needs. You can order printed lanyards that carry your business messages, including the name of the company, logo and the tag line; it all depends on what you want to be featured. When working with a good company that understands promotional product you can even have the lanyards come

8 Ways to Use Banners to Promote Your Business or Event

Whether your business is big or small, you’re going to need to advertise in order to increase the number of sales that you receive. Among the many modes of advertisement, one of the most prominent would be that of banner ads.

Using a banner to promote your business

There are plenty of ways through which a vinyl banner would be able to help your business flourish because you could place them anywhere, right from bill boards to your business website as well as other sites in the form of paid advertisements. Some of the most prominent ways though which banner ads are utilized include:

Advertising a new service or product

Very often we come up with new products and services. Obviously no one is going to know about them until you advertise and get the word out. Therefore, in order to do this you could create dashing banner ads that are appealing and help spread your message around.

Let people know what you’re famous for

Even though people may know about you, they may not be aware of the many other services you offer. Therefore, using a banner, you would be able

Creating More Sales Traffic That Sticks

Advertising is expensive and, next to creating your product, probably the most critical and expensive investment for developing and growing a successful business.

You May Have To Sacrifice Equity

Some businesses see advertising as their way to growth but I know this is often a gross oversimplification. And the reason is, advertising done wrong can be the biggest waste of money which can often leave the company without working capital.

It’s quite simple – the best ideas mean nothing without connecting with the marketplace. In fact it’s so critical to make this connection, that Steve jobs gave 30% of Apple to a venture capitalist who invested less than $100,000 to support their initial marketing campaign. Without Steve’s understanding that advertising has to be done right and risking 30% of his company to get the right individual’s know-how, we probably wouldn’t have Apple today, despite the brilliance of their products.

The lesson is brutal in its simplicity.

Understand your marketplace and the need for the right advertising campaign to connect to with it and then fund it – almost at any cost. If you can’t fund the proper advertising campaign then you need to